Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Gabriela Moura

Gabriela Moura is back with some new content that has fans drooling! Her 9M followers are TikTok can’t get enough of her bikinis, dances, and lip syncing. Here are some of her newest social shares. Enjoy!

Gabriela Moura Is Brazilian Barbie

@gabimfmoura🇧🇷♬ som original – Barbie Edits 𓆘

If they were to make a new Brazilian Barbie, Gabriela would surely be the perfect model for it. She starts the video by leaning into the camera, then she tugs down on her tight skirt and steps back so that we can see the whole ensemble better. Her tan skin and hourglass figure are the perfect canvas for this super sexy two-piece outfit, showcasing Brazil’s colors. 

Gabriela Moura: A Beautiful Sight In Teal And White

@gabimfmoura #pedeprabotarqueeuboto #viral #br #fyp ♬ Pede pra Botar Que Eu Boto – DJ Danilinho Beat & DJ WS da Igrejinha

In this post Gabriela is wearing a gorgeous teal bikini, sheer white robe and white baseball cap. She does a short choreographed dance for fans in this one. We get glimpses of her toned body as she pops and bounces to the music. Here is what fans had to say:

Legit Brazil has a different supply of water.”

“I literally wish I looked like you!!”

“woman crush eveeeeerydayyyyy”

“You’re absolutely gorgeous”

“How it’s possible to be so beautiful”

Gabriela Moura Is An Earth-Toned Goddess

@gabimfmoura dc @Abby ♬ have of yall not even big chile – 🆘

It feels like each post just gets better and better! Between her bronze skin, her olive high-waisted bikini and tan skirt, Gabriela is showcasing a perfect palette of earth-tones in this video. This is another dance video that fans can’t get enough of! She’s actually created two back-to-back videos in this outfit. The first already has 10M views and the second is also in the millions! 

Gabriela Moura’s Second Video

@gabimfmoura #onenemnaoénenem #viral #br #fyp ♬ O Neném Não É Neném – MC MENOR HR & DJ Cayoo

Here is the second video in the same outfit. She’s just as gorgeous here as in the first, and her dance moves are still on point! Fans had a lot to say about it:

“Should be illegal to look this good”

“Searching for real estate in brazil”

“Literal perfection”

“You’re the prettiest female on this app”

We’re super fans of Gabriela Moura and you should be too! If you’re not following her platforms, you can check them all out by CLICKING HERE!