Fri. Jun 9th, 2023
Gabriela Moura

Brazilian hottie Gabriela Moura already has 9M followers on TikTok at just 18 years old! Altogether her videos on the platform have an astonishing 249.9M likes! That’s quite an accomplishment! Today we’re showing you some of her newest videos. Enjoy!

Gabriela Moura

Gabriela Moura Bounces Her Way Into Fans’ Hearts

We all love to see Gabriela dance! In this video she’s popping and shaking to the music just perfectly, although in her caption she expressed wishing TikTok would bring back their old audios…She may not be pleased with her song options, but fans couldn’t care less! This share showcases all of Gabriela’s hottest features.

Gabriela Moura Is Perfect In Pink

Gabriela showed off her hourglass figure in the tightest pink bodysuit. In the video she flips her long, dark hair back giving us a better view of her perky chest. But let’s get real…everyone’s eyes are going south of the border on this one. Her outfit isn’t leaving much to the imagination!

Gabriela Moura Twists And Turns, Showing Off Her Tan!

In this last video, Gabriela is rocking a colorful bikini top and tattered jean shorts. The way she’s poppin’ those hips, it seems as though her bottoms might just fly right off! With them unzipped and rolled down, she’s allowing us to see some of her sexiest tan lines. We could watch Gabriela dance and gyrate all day long!