Sun. May 28th, 2023
Adrian Ghervan

If you haven’t heard of Adrian Ghervan yet, you’re going to love his short viral videos where he shows fans how to make delicious but simple (and low budget) snacks. Check out his latest inspo using white wonder bread: 

Chocolate Bread

The video starts off with a piece of white bread on a counter and two small Kinder chocolates above it. Adrian takes a rolling pin and rolls out the bread and then places one chocolate bar at the bottom of the bread and folds it. He then puts the other chocolate down and folds it again. He butters the roll and places it in an air fryer. He sprinkles powdered sugar on and cuts into it as the white chocolate oozes out. YUM!

Homemade Pizza Pocket 

In the next video, Adrian again has a piece of white bread and he squirts out a little tomato paste into the middle of it. From there he places three pepperonis on it and grates some cheese on top. He slaps another piece of bread on top of that and then uses the square part of a cheese grater to cut off the crusts of the bread. He then pops the square into a toaster to complete his homemade pizza pocket!

Gourmet Brekky 

In this last video Adrian uses the crust from the previous video and places a sausage in it and cuts only one side of the sausage so he can  spread it out. He then fries it and flips it before cracking an egg on top and placing the pan’s lid over it. He then plates it and puts beans on top.