Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Aisu Itana

Ukrainian model Aisu Itana loves to sing, dance and show off her voluptuous curves. In some new uploads we can find her dancing, dressing up and playing around – check her out: 

Casual Dance 

Wearing a cute but casual white lingerie one piece, Aisu pairs it with loose jeans that are unbuttoned and dances for fans. First she messes up her hair, throws up the peace sign a few times, and then goes into a little lip-sync before turning sideways to show off her arm tattoos. She looks like she’s having a great time!

Green Elegant Dress

Here, Aisu takes a bunch of photos and turns them into a TikTok video! She shows off her stunning curvy figure in a tight green dress that wraps around her neck and leaves her shoulders bare. In the first photo she’s sitting down at a piano with her eyes closed, followed by a shot of her standing in front of a chandelier. The next two photos are taken a bit closer up – and although she’s looking away in both, she gives off a very seductive vibe. 

Ready To Workout 

Wearing high white tights and a yellow sports bra, Aisu adjusts her bottoms at the hips before pulling them up over her belly. She then runs her hands through her hair. She poses and turns slightly to the side and we can see her abs on fleek!