Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Aisu Itana

Aisu Itana is a Ukrainian model who currently lives in Odesa. Her Instagram and TikTok videos have gained her a huge following of fans who love to see her sexy yet artistic photo shoots!

A Slight Jiggle 

Aisu is facing the camera when the video starts. She has her hands up, and she’s adjusting her hair – which is pulled back. The entire time she’s slightly moving back and forth. Since she’s not wearing a bra, we can see her chest jiggling in all its glory. 

A Slight Hop

Wearing the same low-cut red dress, this time Aisu slightly hops up and down while sitting on a black chair. This action makes her melons move even more than the previous video! She looks elegant and extremely sexy. 

A Sultry Lip-Sync

In the last video, Aisu has fun with her fans as she lip-syncs to music while sitting in a black chair with her low-cut red dress on. She’s singing to an Aibek remix and looks sultry with smokey eyes and lipstick.