Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario has now gained over 3 million likes for posting to Instagram in her birthday suit!

The HBO actress, 36, delighted fans in a revealing share seeing her bare just about all – while Alexandra was stripped down to nothing, she did stay inside the platform’s rules by ensuring that she didn’t show all of her body.

Going Nude For Outdoor Swim

Flaunting the perks of a luxurious vacation she was taking, Daddario was snapped from behind and with a hand near the camera carefully placing its thumb in a position that would cover her behind.

The Baywatch bombshell was back to the camera and ankle-deep in a swish infinity pool with a raised nearby deck and a gorgeous view of lush jungle greenery and distant mountains.

Flaunting Her Fabulous Figure

Showing off her gym-honed legs, slim waist, and toned back and arms, Daddario made sure to remind fans that all those yoga sessions are paying off. The Alo Yoga partner, now also signed to American Eagle, wore her dark locks down as she enjoyed her nude moment. She also reappeared with a swipe right, here splashing water across herself and lifting both arms up while deeper in the pool and completely solo.

No geo-tag was offered. The White Lotus star wrote: “Take a vacation from your problems Bob.”

A like was quickly left by Netflix star Bella Thorne.

Staying In Shape

Daddario is known for her curves, but likewise for her sensational muscles.

“I’ve tried to get into meditation more. I’ve also focused on connecting with people. It’s about not letting people into your life who don’t serve you and refocusing who you have around you. I also do a lot of yoga now that yoga is open. And I have a wonderful partner who’s helped me throughout this reopening journey,” she told Byrdie, also referring to now-husband, Andrew Form.