Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Alexia Grace

Alexia Grace is a TikTok sensation, as she’s always making us laugh and showing off her amazing body. In some new videos, we see her squatting in front of a car, showing off her flexed rack and jumping in a pool. 

Do You Like My Car?

Standing in front of a red car with her booty facing the screen, Alexis introduces herself before shaking her booty and saying – vroom vroom. She’s got on a t-shirt and white pants. She continues to gibber as she squats and jiggles. Lucky for us, we can see her peachy bum shape and black thong throughout it all. 

Flexed Rack 

Wearing white track pants and a sports bra, Alexia looks like she just woke up. She runs to the camera, adjusts it (and her hair) before smiling really big at the camera. The text over the video reads ‘POV: You Have The Ultimate Sleeper Build.’ She then lifts her arms up and flexes them. Not only do we see her big muscles but her boobs flex up too giving us a great look at her amazing rack. She captions the video ‘did I pass?’ 


Sitting in front of a blow up pool wearing a wet halter dress, Alexia lip-syncs to the song ‘Popular’ from the musical Wicked, while raising her hands up and down before she splashes back into the pool. The text in the video reads ‘POV: you’re pretty but a little bit strange.” She captions the video – ‘that’s me!’ It’s always fun to see Alexia wet and joking around. Near the end of the video she comes closer to the camera and her boobs are pushed up showing off her lusty lemons.