Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Alexia Grace

Funny girl Alexia Grace is hopping and jumping around for fans again. With 8.8M likes on TikTok and 111K followers on Instagram, she knows what fans want to see – her butt jiggly around. Here are her latest jiggles:  

How Much For An Hour?

The video is taken from inside a car as it slowly pulls up to Alexia. She’s standing outside wearing white see-through pants (and a black thong) slightly hopping up and down so that her booty jiggles. The man inside the car says ‘Excuse me, how much for an hour?” She then turns around and rushes into the car and says, ‘I don’t know, how much do you want?” The guy’s confused and she looks very innocent and sexy as she repeats how much do you want?! Someone’s hungry for something!

Casting A Spell 

Alexia is wearing her pajamas with a light pink thong pulled up out of the bottoms. She’s doing her classic hopping while she’s wearing giant headphones and introducing herself to her fans. She tells us that she’s just downloaded Hogwarts Legacy. She then twirls from one side to another (and continues hopping) telling us she’s going to cast a spell so we play it with her. 

Revealing Hops

Wearing tights that really show off the amazing shape of her hiney (they seem to ride right up her crack), Alexia hops and jiggles a few times while she says to her fans that they are probably wondering why she’s jumping. She tells us it’s cause she can’t wait to watch boxing and especially Tommy Fury (a British professional boxer).