Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Alexia Grace

Funny girl Alexia Grace has us laughing and drooling again, in a new series of uploads where she plays around with cars almost as sexy as her. Which one’s your favorite? 

Check Out This Car

In a fun new upload, Alexia waves at the camera and invites her fans to come check out a red car. But what she’s really doing is inviting us to check out her voluptuous round booty. Wearing a baggy T-shirt and gray tights she puts her hands on the hood of the car and extends her booty out towards the camera so we can take an even better look.

Can It Fly

Wearing the same gray tights that show off her perky booty Alexia starts the video by introducing herself and then asks why her car has wings. The video is adorable and she does a little booty pop hop at the end, making us fall in love with her quirkiness. The car, of course, doesn’t have wings, it just has a rear spoiler. 

Don’t Show Dad

In the next video Alexia is standing beside a red car. She’s jiggling up and down before the cameraman (her brother) says ‘excuse me, give me your shoe or else I’m gonna show dad your twitter.’ She says, ‘sorry brother,’ then throws off her flip-flops and runs to the back of the car hiding.