Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Alicia Zore

Alicia Zore is a 5’2 Australian babe with an amazing rack, beautiful smile and cheeky nose ring. She loves getting all done up and dancing for her fans. Here are some of her latest TikTok videos:

Oiled Up 

In a sexy new video Alicia shows fans how she stays bronzed. Starting off in her bedroom, wearing a little skirt and a brown bikini top that exposes her naturally round boobies, she poses and dances around with the product – Brunea Body. The video then cuts to her poolside where we can just see her legs and crotch while she thoroughly rubs it in. Once she’s all oiled up she shows off her glistering melons in a series of short clips where she sticks her tongue out, pouts and poses with the product. After that, we see her back in her bedroom hiking up her bikini bottoms and pulling down her bikini top to show off her tan lines. Yum yum.

Birthday Boobs

Wearing a white crocheted halter dress, Alicia smiles at the camera, pulls her hair back and lip-syncs along with the song playing. She turns sideways giving us an amazing look at her bare back and side boobs. She continues to dance and pout and then faces the camera and sings to her fans while her boobs sway back and forth. And since she’s not wearing a bra we see her natural shape which is divine. The video’s captioned ‘It’s my bday.’ Happy Birthday Alicia!  

Promiscuous Girl 

In the last video, Alicia is up close and personal once again, singing ‘Promiscuous Girl’ to her fans. She’s wearing a low cut black top that lets us see her large breasts as they hang naturally in her top. She smiles, pouts and flirts while she sings, and although you have to wait until the end of the video to see a full view of her boobs, it’s well worth the wait.