Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Alina Marilex

Alina Marilex is a digital nomad with a whopping 2.5M followers on TikTok. Most of her content is her doing yoga and making videos centered around her crotch. Let’s check out some of her latest videos:

Crotch Hip Opener

Elena turns on the video and immediately flips over onto all fours. She’s wearing peach underwear and opens her hips and bends down to stretch wide and does it again – giving us a nice close-up of her crotch. 

Backward View

Similar to the previous video, Alina starts recording the video and immediately turns around. She’s wearing a sweater, socks, and black silky underwear. On all fours she stretches her crotch into the screen showing us her bits. 

Crotch Tabletop 

Alina is wearing pink silk shorts with no underwear. The video starts by showing her stretching; she’s in a reversed tabletop (which is like a crab position with her hands and feet on the yoga mat and her head facing upwards). She stretches one leg before opening and closing her legs wide. There’s nowhere else to look but her crotch and she does a great job of making sure it’s the center of attention.