Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Alina Marilex

While Alina Marilex is always creating crotch content, she’ a flexible TikToker, Instagrammer, Fansly and OnlyFans hottie with big juicy lips and a tiny frame. Let’s check out her latest videos:

Knee Circles

Wearing some funky, colored shorts and checkered socks pulled up high, Alina starts the video off with her legs open, showing us her kitty. She then falls backwards, keeping her legs open and begins to make circles with her knees. We can see her hoo-haw and smooth cheeks as she keeps them open for us. 

Deep Squats

This time wearing a t-shirt, high socks and tiny shorts, Alina’s sitting on the ground and presses play before turning and jumping up. We then see her legs and booty as she starts to squat. She squats slowly and leans forward so we really see the outline of her lady bits and her bum. 

Nips & Bits

The video starts with Alina sitting on her yoga mat and looking down at the camera with her legs open. She’s got on white PJ shorts and a pink t-shirt with no bra on. We can see her nips through the top before she lies down. She then inches closer to the camera – with her legs open – before bending one leg into her hip and stretching.