Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Andreea Dragoi bikini

Andreea Dragoi is a 20-year-old Romanian swimmer who models on the side and is making a splash on the social scene (she’s got 53.2K Instagram fans and more than 15K likes on TikTok). When she’s not modeling or swimming, she’s creating content for her fans. Let’s see her latest videos: 

Things To Do

Wearing a dark blue skirt with three holes down the chest that are held together with gold clips, Andrea’s got long white boots on as she mouths to a voiceover ‘I would check myself into a mental hospital today, but I had things to do.’ She then flicks her hair off her shoulders, puts her hands on her hips and lifts one leg up and spins half way around. 

The Pink Bikini

Standing in a kitchen wearing a pink bikini, Andrea plays around with her hair while posing. She then walks toward us and turns around before the clip cuts to a different video of her in the same suit but with different music. She poses again, leaning forward and then swaying her hips from side to side. 

What Color Today?

Wearing an orange bikini, Andrea’s back in her kitchen and this time the overlaying video text says ‘1 or 2?’ She models the orange one and halfway through the video the clip changes to her in a pink one. While we love both, our vote is on the pink!