Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Anna Beggion bikini

Anna Beggion has uploaded more Dora cosplay videos and we’re loving it! All the bright colors and jiggles are doing her fans right. Check out the latest three uploads to her TikTok account!

Anna Says Kitchens Are A Little Tall In Florida

We’re not sure what exactly Anna is trying to reach in this video, but she’s unfortunately (or fortunately!) just can’t seem to reach it. So, like any girls on the shorter side would do…she jumps! In her classic Dora The Explorer cosplay outfit, she start to jump and bounce in slow-motion. Fans get the best view, and she seems very pleased with herself at the end of the clip!

Anna Beggion Says: Don’t Skip Cardio!

Here we see Anna again as Dora and she’s getting her jump rope on. A fan requested this video in slo-mo, and their wish was granted! Standing on her mat and rockin’ a Dora themed background, Anna shows off her oiled up booty cheeks. Her body moves perfectly with the music, and we couldn’t be more pleased…

Haters Gonna Hate…

This sexy video is in response to a stupid comment. The non-fan said, “It’s okay I’m talentless too.” Pfff…this person needs to take a seat. Anna is just as stunning as always, and she has fun dancing the negativity away! Again in her delicious cosplay we see her initially looking at her handy map. Then she ditches it once she sees the camera and proceeds to do the cutest dance, which highlighted her toned tummy and perfectly thick thighs.