Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Anna Cangussu

Brazilian model Anna Cangussu has some new uploads where she’s transforming from day to night, dancing around in tights and posing in some sexy cowboy boots. Let’s check her out:

Gold Hoops

Holding the camera close up, Anna lip syncs to her fans with her long hair pulled back. She’s got on gold hoops and a hot pink halter top that she’s pouring out of. She then swings her head and suddenly her hair is down and she’s got on a black dress with long gold earrings. From day to night – she looks great in both!

Blue Pops

With the video angled upward, Anna’s wearing light blue tights and a matching long sleeve crop top as she dances around, pointing at us and twirling around. She then turns around and sends her booty popping to the beats.

Cowboy Boots

Anna Cangussu

Anna looks stunning as she holds herself up in a crab position with her hands and one foot on the ground while the other foot is up in the air. She’s got on long blue and white cowboy boots and is wearing a white lace bra and white lace undies. She looks phenomenal!