Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Ariadna Lorenzana

Ariadna Lorenzana is a Mexican influencer who loves gaming and working out. When she’s not hitting the gym or playing video games, she’s creating content for Instagram, TikTok and OnlyFans. In her latest uploads, she’s showing off her large assets while dancing and lip-syncing. 

Bare Boobs

Ariadna starts the video by facing the camera. She has jean shorts and a thin tank top on that doesn’t hide her boobs as they practically fall out of her shirt. Not only do we get to see her massive bare cleavage, but her nipples are just on the border of showing while she does a little dance for her fans. Since she’s hopping up and down, her boobs bounce around too. Before the video ends, she leans in (giving us a nice view of her round melons) and smiles. 

I’ll Give You A Kiss

Wearing the same small white top, Ariadna shows off her giant boobs and dances for the camera while lip-syncing along to the song ‘F like a porn star.’ Her melons are ginormous and her top can barely contain them. She captions the video ‘Give me a like on Instagram and I’ll give you a kiss.’


With the camera angled upwards Ariadna lip-syncs to the song playing while licking her lips, and flirting with the camera. While she’s playing around with her fans, we get a front row seat to her jugs which are enormous and spectacular.