Sun. May 28th, 2023
Emily Bright

Aussie Emily Bright is dressing up and traveling around Japan. For a little insight into her most recent trip check out her most recent updates: 

Sweater To Princess 

Holding the camera out in front of her Emily is lip-syncing and wearing an oversized sweater. She takes a few big breaths along with the audio and, poof! She transforms into a beautiful princess with her hair half up in pigtails, makeup done, rocking a white and gold corset top that looks like the top of a ball gown. Beautiful Em!

Japan Views 

Emily Bright

Pictured in a black leather jacket with her hair up in high pigtails, Emily takes a selfie to show off the Japanese town she’s currently in. We can see the ocean, some village houses and stunning greenery. That being said, the most stunning thing is her beautiful grin and her revealing black and pink flowered bra. Enjoy your trip!

All The Sides Of Emily 

This last video starts off with Emily in a black t-shirt with suspenseful music. As the music changes the clip changes to her in a busty yellow bikini before it changes again to show her in a white and blue nurse’s outfit. From casual – to beach – to dress up – we love all the looks!