Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Avru Cabaleiro

With 247.2K TikTok followers, girl-next-door Avru Cabaleiro captivates her fans once again while lip-syncing around. Whether it’s a bikini or a thong, she is drop-dead gorgeous and a natural beauty.  

G-String Peeks

In this video, Avru is wearing a small black top that shows off her flat stomach, along with grey track pants. While track pants don’t seem like they’d be a sexy choice, Avru has a black G-string poking out of them. The thong is pulled high up over her hips and she shows it off by slowly moving back and forth to the music that’s playing. 

Cleavage Revealing Bikini

In the next video, Avru is wearing an extremely sexy black bikini. The bottom is small and barely covering her cha-cha while the top is a black triangle with the middle section cut out – so we get a full view of her voluptuous cleavage.  She looks amazing and must feel it too as she playfully dances around. 

Wearing a similar small triangle, bikini top, Avru dances around in front of the camera while lip-synching. We get to see her massive cleavage and can’t take our eyes off her chest as she moves around. She looks absolutely stunning and her boobs look bigger closer up.