Sun. May 28th, 2023
Avru Cabaleiro

Avru Cabaleiro loves to dance and show off her latest looks. With her natural luscious lips and laid back attitude, fans love to watch her lip-syncing around. Here’s a roundup of her latest post:

Braids And Bikinis

Avru starts the video bent over as she presses record. One side of her hair is braided up and when she steps back we can see her white flowered bikini. Her chest is barely covered as she lip-syncs and does a little dance, but we get to see her delicious tan lines!

Why Are You So Obsessed With Me?

Wearing a tight white t-shirt with a pink bra underneath, we hear a voiceover say ‘why didn’t you call me back?’ and Avru lip-syncs the response saying ‘and I be like – why are you so obsessed with me?’ She then flicks her blonde hair, puts a hand under her chin and tilts it to smile!

Girls Night 

Avru is with two of her friends as they stand in front of the camera in some sexy black mini skirts. Avru is wearing a long sleeve crop top with a revealing hole in the chest, and has her underwear sticking out of her unbuttoned leather skirt. The girls lip-sync and pose as they get ready for their night out.