Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Lali Rabbit

Brunette hottie Lali Rabbit is at it again, uploading some fun TikTok videos that already have thousands of likes. Whether she’s dancing around her room or strutting around in her bikini, she knows what her fans want to see. Let’s check her out:

Pink Latex

Wearing a ripped hot pink top over a black bra, Lali twirls her hair in her hands as the text on the video reads ‘okay but you guys want to see how I look in the latex set?’ The clip then changes to show Lali wearing a light pink latex skirt and a matching latex top that does up with strings in the front. With her dark red lips – she looks smokin’! 

PJ Party 

Wearing a light pink pjs onesie with lips all over it, Lali stands in her bedroom and dances around to the music playing. The camera is angled upward so we can see her bare legs as she moves around for us. Near the end of the video she turns and shakes her booty. 

Cold Swimming

Wearing a black bikini with some pink outlining on it, Lali slowly walks into a pool. Once she takes a few steps she turns around and starts walking forward again. The ways she’s holding her hands to her side – it looks like the water is cold. She captions the video in Spanish and the translation is ‘If you share you get a -% on my blue.’