Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Bia is a model, OnlyFans and TikTok influencer who loves traveling, working out and dancing. In some new uploads, we get to see Bia modeling a new sparkly dress that shimmers in the light. The back of the dress is open, exposing her back, and the front dips down low, showing off her plump boobs. 


Bia starts the video off modeling her sexy outfit as she twirls from front to side until her open bare back is facing the camera. She then sways her oval booty slowly from side to side while she lowers herself closer to the ground. Once she’s there – she looks back passionately at the camera before grinding with her legs open. 

Getting Low 

In this next clip, Bia is squatting on the ground with her legs open. She’s facing the camera and dancing side to side while she slowly makes her way to a standing position. The dress accents her luscious boobs, since she’s not wearing a bra. She plays with her hair and alternates between smiling and biting her lips. She looks like she’s ready for someone to join her! She does a little hop and bounces back down to the ground giving us a final look at her bouncing boobs. 

Tight Booty 

In the last clip Bia is facing away from the camera so we can see her bare back and plump booty. She takes a few steps while adjusting her dress before popping her booty out as she walks. Her high heels elongate her bare legs and her booty is so tight and toned that it leaves us wanting more!