Sun. May 28th, 2023
Grace Charis

Grace Charis is in Hawaii but still uploading regular golf content. In some new posts, she swings in slow motion (our favorite), takes us on a morning in Hawaii and posts another flashback. 

Head Down 

In a classic post from Grace, we see her in her golf gear – visor, braless halter top and skirt – swinging hard at the ball. The best part? The video’s in slow motion so we get to see the intensity of how powerful her swings are. 

GRWM For Golf On Maui

While Grace is In Hawaii for an upcoming golf tournament, she uploads a mini vlog – taking us on her morning golf adventure. The clip starts off with her getting ready and takes us through her morning practice. She gives commentary throughout the video, and while we’re missing her halter tops, we love her french braids! Good luck Grace!

Fortnite Skin

The clip starts off with an old photo of Grace in the background. She’s wearing glasses with her hair up in a bun. The character from stranger things then walks forward (he’s digitally on top of the photo) and snaps his fingers and suddenly it’s our beautiful Grace – holing her golf club up behind her head, smiling and showing off her girls. She captions it ‘Fortnite skin.’