Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Victtória Medeiros

TikTok and OnlyFans influencer Victtória Medeiros apparently loves panda bears! She recently posed in some sexy panda pasties for fans, and after a little digging we were able to find more panda themed content! Let’s have a look!

Victtória Medeiros Shakes Her Cheeks

Here is a video we found further down in Victtória’s feed. She’s rockin’ a panda onesie, and poppin’ that booty! Her dancing makes the little black and white bears on her outfit jiggle and jump for joy. Her fans, too!

Victtória Medeiros In Her Panda Bear Pasties

This takes Victtória’s love of pandas to a whole new level! Her pasties perfectly match her pajama bottoms, and they even look like they’re made out of the same fuzzy fabric! Best that feels nice…She gives a wink with her finger in her mouth, and her toned abs are on full display.

Victtória Medeiros

Victtória Medeiros Pops Out Of Her Top

In this short clip we see Victtória Medeiros again in her panda bear attire. She’s so excited to start dancing, she misses a button and pops right out of her top as she begins to twist and turn. She laughs throughout the video and is clearly having the best time! We love how she throws her cheeks up right before the video ends. We’re definitely Team Panda Bear after seeing this content! Thanks Victtória!