Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Mari Borges

Mari Borges is a Brazilian TikToker with more than 2.8M followers! Most of her videos consist of her dancing around in bikinis or all dressed up. Let’s check out her latest jiggles:

Red Dynamite

Wearing a red bikini, Mari moves her hips and sensually dances to the slow music playing. Her bikini top wraps around her neck and pushes her girls together well the bottoms ride high. Her blonde hair is pushed off to one side and her make up is all done up.

Pink Bikini

Holding the camera out in front of her, Mari films herself lip-syncing and bobbing to the song playing. She’s got on a hot pink hat that matches her bikini. We can see her tan lines and freckles and love to see her sticking her tongue out and winking at us!


Dancing around during sunset, Mari looks bronzed and a bit pink from what must have been a long day out in the sun. She’s wearing a teeny black bikini that wraps around her neck and stomach. The bottoms tie at the sides and ride up her booty. She does an energized choreographed dance before turning around and shaking her fanny.