Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Gabriela Moura

Brazilian beauty Gabriela Moura has some new posts where she shakes and shimmies in jeans, as well as shares a sexy clip in a red dress! With more than 9.1M TikTok followers she always keeps her fans coming back for more. Check her out: 

Tight Jeans

Wearing super tight jeans and a white cropped t-shirt, Gabriela has her hands on her hips as she raps along to the music playing. Her outfit really emphasizes her wide hips, tiny waist and perky chest – she looks fantastic! 

Red Wonder

Gabriela looks amazing as she poses in a red dress in the bathroom. She’s getting ready to go out with a caption that reads ‘best therapy is to throw on a cute dress, do your makeup and look cute.’ The dress has rhinestones cupping the shape of her cleavage. Whoever she’s trying to get over – we feel bad for you bro because she’s a stunner!

Hip Thrusters 

Wearing high waisted jean shorts and a green bikini top ,Gabriela starts the video lip-syncing and dancing. She thrusts her hips and hands to one side before doing it on the other side repeatedly. She smiles and looks extra tanned.