Fri. Jun 9th, 2023
Gabriela Moura

If you don’t already know who Gabriela Moura is, then you’re definitely missing out!  Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this dancing influencer is someone you should know.  Having accumulated 1M followers on Instagram, 9M followers and a whopping 247M likes on TikTok, she is turning heads and gaining attention at an alarming rate.  As usual we rifle through images and videos of sexy women you may not have heard of, so that you don’t have to.  Here is a collection of Gabriela’s content we thought we would share with our fans, and hers!

Gabriela Moura Shows Off Her Beach Body

Gabriela Moura

Who doesn’t like bikinis?  Furthermore, who doesn’t like hot chicks in bikinis?  Gabriela surely fits that mold.  This is a great photo of her in a bright pink bikini, rocking her perfect physique and gorgeous tanned skin.

Gabriela Moura Bounces For Fans In Her Sexy Bikini

If you have been keeping up with GBB’s other articles, then you know by now that we always try to provide our audience with content that has lots of motion.  This is one of our favorite videos of Gabriela that stays true to form with our style.

Gabriela Moura And Friends Shake And Grab For Fans

This video isn’t exactly shot in 4K, but that doesn’t seem to bother fans at all!  In fact, this video alone has over 20M views.  We would say confidently that anyone viewing this content is going to be in it for the boob grabbing, not the clarity.

Gabriela Moura Provides Camel Toe For Viewers Pleasure

Whoever invented tight workout attire and skintight leggings should have their own holiday.  Here’s another favorite of Gabriela shaking, and bouncing, and showing off her hungry crotch. If you’re not a fan of her yet, we hope that this one gets you there.

Gabriela Moura And Her Gal Pal Shake It

This video of Gabriela Moura and a friend is a bit shaky in the hands of whomever is recording, but has an astonishing amount of attraction with 3M likes and over 35.5M views on TikTok alone!  As usual, stay tuned for more hot chicks.  If you are a fan of ours, or a fan of women like Gabriela, please check out some of our other articles!  We’re sure you’ll find something, somewhere that will make you smile!