Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Mari Borges

Mari Borges is a dancing queen from Brazil. She’s a popular influencer (255K fans on Instagram and 2.8M followers on TikTok), who loves to shake, dress up and sing for fans. Let’s see what she’s been up to: 

Sunny Singing 

With her hair in a high bun, Mari is wearing a tiny, white, high-cut thong and a bright green bikini top that also wraps around her neck. She’s got music playing and she nods at the camera before backing up and dancing and lip-syncing. The song is sensual and her ta-tas are pushed up high and ready to play. She’s tanned and since she’s in direct sunlight she glistens as she sings. Before the video ends she turns around giving us a quick glimpse of her fanny. 

Gold Goddess 

Dressed to the nines in a long gold dress with sequins down it, Mari has on long silver earrings, a heart necklace and a sultry face. The front of the dress is cut extremely low – dipping all the way down to just above her belly button. Her bare breasts poke out of the dress and she smirks as she does a choreographed dance that involves twisting her hips and poppin’ her butt.

Kinky Look 

Mari is looking kinky in a black sequined skirt with a matching bra that’s connected with straps and buckles; that go from the skirt up to her neck and around her hips. She dances and lip-syncs while shaking her body. Her legs are slightly open and when she spins around to shake her booty we love the sexuality of it all! Hubba hubba.