Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Gabriela Moura

Brazilian Gabriela Moura has some fun new dance videos and a bikini post in LA. Let’s check out this beloved influencer: 

LA Sun 

Gabriela Moura

Posing on a round sun chair, Gabriela tags herself in LA and says she never wants to leave. She’s got on a bright teal bikini and she’s brushing her hair off her face while looking off to the side. It’s clear she’s already been enjoying the pool day for quite some time because she looks very tanned – maybe even a little burnt. 

Casual Choreography 

Gabriela’s wearing loose track pants and a white crop top that shows off her midriff. She’s with a friend who’s wearing a similar look, only her undies are pulled up out of her pants. They lip sync to the song playing and do a choreographed dance. Looks fun girls! 

Sexy Summertime 

In a dance video, Gabriela’s wearing jean shorts and a blue bra with a purple crop top with holes throughout it. For most of the video she’s turned away from us – shaking her booty before turning back around and dancing then smiling to someone off camera.