Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Marjorye Vieira

With 2.5M followers on TikTok, Marjorye Vieira has a lot of fans who love to watch her twirl and dance around. While most of her videos are just that – dancing and booty popping – she also loves a good beach day. Let’s check her out:

Jean Jiggle 

Wearing short jeans and a black tube top, Marjorye dances in front of a white car. With her long straight hair waving as she moves, she motions with one hand to come closer followed by the other one, before some chest pops and a booty shake. 

Yellow Vibes

In a similar video, Marjorye wears a yellow tube top and a yellow skirt as she does some choreographed hand moves before turning around and shaking. We love her bikini tan lines that show on her hips and on the top of her coconuts. 

Sunset Colors 

Marjorye Vieira

Dressed in orange again, this time Marjorye’s on the beach showing off her bikini. The bottoms ride high – exposing her hips and thighs while the top is strapless with a gold shell necklace that ties at the chest. A matching necklace wraps around her waist. Her hair it wet and she tilts her head up as she smiles at us.