Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

The Brazilian hottie Tayna Cerquieria captures our hearts as she dances around, showing off her perfectly toned booty and round breasts. She has a very wholesome yet sexy vibe about her and has a loyal fan following of 3.5M followers. 

Pajama Jiggles 

Tanya is wearing grey pajamas with no panties or bra on as she dances around for the camera. She makes a heart with her hands and shakes her booty from side to side while we get to see the tan lines on her plump boobies as they peek out of her top. We can also see her thong tan lines sneaking out of her briefs! 


Cheeky Cheeks 

Wearing the same pajamas, this time Tanya starts the video by dancing and lip-syncing to the song playing. You can see a bit more of her boobs in this video as she smiles and flirts with the camera. Likewise, when she twirls around, she lifts up her booty to the camera and we get to see a lot of cheeky butt.

Round Round Ta-Tas

In the last video, Tanya’s wearing grey tights and a small white T-shirt. Although we don’t get to see any of her bare breasts, her boobs look super plump and round as she does a choreographed dance to the music. The best part is near the end of the video when she turns around and we can see the perfect outline of her bum crack which separates her amazing cheeks. Yum Yum.