Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Anna Cangussu

Brazilian model Anna Cangussu is at it again, shaking her booty for fans on camera. In a series of new posts, Anna wears short pink booty shorts and a white tank top. Lucky for us, She’s not wearing a bra – letting us see her perky boobs as she jumps and dances around. 

Tushy Shaking On Beat


Shaking to Brazilian music, the video starts off with Anna adjusting her tank top before she turns around and starts popping her booty. She quickly shakes it back and forth and then up and down, all while looking back and keeping her eyes on the camera.

Flirtatious Moves 


In this next video, Anna dances to a hip-hop beat. The video starts off with her, facing the camera, moving her arms up and down – which gives us a front row seat to her jiggling ta-tas. She bites her lips and smiles throughout the video giving off a fun and flirtatious vibe. 

Feeling The Music


In the last video, Anna lip-syncs to a Brazilian song as she jumps back-and-forth, left to right. she then twirls around, pops out her booty and gives it a wiggle. She moves like no other and you get lost watching her bum swag back and forth.