Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Anna Cangussu

Anna Cangussu is our latest discovery, and we are….DEAD 💀. This blonde bombshell’s booty is a perfect 10 out of 10, and social media agrees. We came across one of her videos on TikTok, and this one alone has over 1.9M views!

Anna Cangussu

Anna Cangussu Makes Us Melt In Nine Seconds

Here’s the video that led us to follow Anna. It’s only nine seconds long, but that was more than enough time for us to fall in love with her. She’s rocking a teeny black bikini top and even smaller gray booty shorts. Anna lip syncs to a clip from The Beatnuts’ song “Se Acabo – Remix” featuring Method Man as she twists and gyrates in front of the camera. She turns around at the end of the video to bounce her perfect little booty up and down a few times for fans. This is going to live in our head rent free, forever!

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Anna Cangussu Gives Fans A Part Two

In Anna’s latest video share, she’s in the same outfit as the last video and is giving fans more of that sweet cheek bounce! This time she fully turns her back to the camera and lifts her arms above her head for the perfect view. Her bikini top straps hug her tanned skin, and her peach is on full display. This video is even shorter than the other one, but we get to see a whole lot more! 

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Here is what her fans had to say:

I can literally watch this all day.”


“Can you thank your parents for me for their excellent work.”

“I missed Christmas oops swore I only had this on for a minute”

Anna Cangussu Is “Untouchable”

Anna Cangussu gives us a full performance in this 15 second video! She keeps intense and playful eye contact with the camera the whole time as she twists her body and flips her gorgeous hair around. Anna runs her hands across her perky chest as she lip syncs. Her black bikini top and perfect red shorts are the ideal ensemble for showing off her tan, toned abs.

We could go on for days about Anna, but we’ll leave you with this for now…She’s got an, ONLYFANS you guys!! Be sure to check out all of her exclusive content, and stay tuned for more pictures, posts and videos from the beautiful Anna Cangussu!