Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Anna Cangussu

With more than 2.3M TikTok followers, Brazilian model Anna Cangussu loves to dance for her audience. In some new posts, she’s doing just that – dancing around in her bedroom and speaking Portuguese to her fans.  

Bedroom Beats

Wearing loose jeans paired with a flowered pink bra that cups her jiggling muffins, Anna is feeling the beats. She starts the video off strong – vigorously swaying her hips back and forth to the music. She then shimmies her shoulders and adds in some hand movements before putting her arm up and snapping. She smiles throughout it all and really looks like she’s enjoying herself.

Tiny Grey Shorts 

Wearing a small black tube top and grey booty shorts, Anna shows off her stunningly toned figure as she lip-talks to the audio playing. Since the audio is in Portuguese we have no idea what she’s saying but this somehow makes her look even sexier and foreign as she brushes her hair off her shoulders and leans in to strongly speak to the camera. She captions the video (which translates to English as) ‘and are you going to do it or what?’ While we’re not sure what she’s referring to – we still think we’d do anything she asked us to! 

Move Your Body Girl

Dancing around to ‘Move ya body CHAMOS remix,’ Anna’s got on black booty shorts and a pink tank top with no bra on. She’s in her bedroom as she puts one hand on her hair and moves her hips back and forth before twirling around and shaking her booty. She quickly faces us again – holding up both hands in firsts as she energetically pumps her arms up in the air before moving them around in circles.