Fri. Jun 9th, 2023
Anna Cangussu

Anna Cangussu is a blonde, Brazilian beauty who is lighting up TikTok with her sexy dance videos! Her content has garnered over 1.2M likes so far and there is no sign of her stopping. Let’s jump right into it with some of her latest fun social shares.

Anna Cangussu’s Red Light Special

@anaclaracangussu #CapCut ♬ som original – Anna Cangussu

Anna recently shared a hot transition video which shows her in red lighting. It starts with a heart beat emoji that turns into a broken heart with each pulse of the music. We see a closeup of Anna’s face. She strokes her hair and cuts her eyes in between quick flashes of black. This is H-O-T!

Anna Cangussu Enjoys The Sunshine

@anaclaracangussu🤍♬ starboy

It might be winter right now, but Anna is still serving up bikini videos that make us miss summer. Here we see Anna in a peach, strappy bikini. She’s standing outside with clear blue skies and lots of greenery as her background. She does a quick flip of her hair before turning around to give fans an ample view of her rear assets. We get another hair toss, a quick pop of the hip and a sultry smile to the camera before the video ends.

Anna Cangussu In Red And White Is Perfection

@anaclaracangussu #foryou #fy ♬ som original – Nandin_dabd

While Anna looks good in every color, we think this red and white combination is one of her best looks! Her mini tank top and booty shorts lets her audience admire her tanned skin, toned abs, and flirty cheeks. She gives us a quick dance and flaunts her rump, driving fans wild. Here is what some of them had to say:

Damn near perfect”

“Now this just isn’t fair”

“You are Amazing 😊”

“I would give anything!”

“Not going to lie: I just got a craving for wings.”

“idk if she’s fun or dangerous”

Anna Cangussu Pops Her Hips


♬ necio – speed4uu

This is Anna’s most recent post on TikTok. She’s lip syncing and dancing to the popular Romeo Santos’ “Necio”  sped up. Rocking an oversized purple t-shirt and and black shorts with white piping, Anna starts with a big hair flip and then gets close to the camera to start singing. Her lips are glossy and her skin is glowing! She turns around to the camera to give us all a hip popping show. She definitely has rhythm! Her long blonde hair is shining in the sun, and her smile is even brighter!

Make sure you follow all of Anna’s socials for more content! Her content is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.