Sun. May 28th, 2023
Anna Cangussu

Brazilian model Anna Cangussu always looks good. With 2.3M instagram followers, fans can’t get enough of her booty shaking and lip-syncing. 

On Fire 

Anna Cangussu

Anna is on fire as she poses for the camera wearing loose jeans that aren’t buttoned up and a sparkly sequined shirt that is held up with silver straps. The back is bare and since she’s standing sideways we can also see her entire side boob. The top just hangs over her chest, accentuating her figure. She intensely stares at us and her eyes look sleepy and sensual. 

Pink Pouts 

Giving a seductive pose, Anna is working the camera with her soft pink lips that match her halter top. She’s looking off to one side and lip-syncing before gazing off camera. Near the end she connects with the camera and playfully winks. Hubba-hubba!

Bedroom Pops

Wearing a white corset with black booty shorts, Anna lip-syncs to the song playing before putting one arm up over her head and spinning herself around. From there she sends her butt popping in some serious booty shakes while smiling and looking back at us. Talented girl!