Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Nicky Brum

Nicky Brum, who also goes by Munique, is a fun Brazilian content creator who share videos and pictures across multiple platforms. She’s 24 years old and says that she’s currently exploring her sexuality!  We’ve tracked down some of her most popular content. Enjoy!

Nicky Brum

Nicky Brum Is A Tattooed Goddess

In this video Nicky is answering a fan who asked where she was from. The answer? Brazil of course! She used a fun way to respond without saying a word using her bikini. In the clip Nicky is sporting a blue and white bathing suit that has Brazil’s flag proudly displayed on the top and bottom. How creative! Not only does this social share answer the question, but it gives fans an eyeful of those gorgeous tattoos, and um…that BOOTY!

Pool Parties And Wet Cheeks

Up next, Nicky is gettin’ wet! Here she is in the pool wearing a white thong bikini. She slowly backs away from the camera with wet hair and then turns to prop herself up on the pool’s edge, lifting her plump rear out of the water for all to see. She captioned the video with the question, “Do you like pool parties?” We’d love to attend this one! This video just isn’t long enough! Fans agree. Here is what they had to say in the comments:

“do it again, slower”

“Need a swimming partner?”

“Do you have a boyfriend ?”

“Thank you , I can see that it’s a full moon”

How Tall Is Nicky Brum?

We love when Nicky asks questions in her captions. This time she wants fans how tall they think she is! While we’re taking time to guess, Nicky stands with her arms crossed wearing a white crop top and booty shorts. She sways side to side, allowing us to size her up. She tousles her sexy hair and then turns to the side so we can also size up her toned lady loaf. She flexes her muscular arms and the video ends. Guesses poured in. How tall do YOU think Nicky Brum is?