Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Brooke Monk

The popular, gorgeous, BIRTHDAY GIRL Brooke Monk just turned 20 years old! On January 31st this TikTok powerhouse celebrated the big 2-0. We say powerhouse because she has 27.5M followers on the platform. Twenty-Seven MILLION!!! Let’s take a look at how she celebrated her special day…

Happy 20th Brooke Monk!

Here we see a beautiful Brooke Monk dressed to the nines, with hair and makeup on fleek. She holds a single white candle in her mouth while a gentleman off camera offers her a light. Once lit, she takes it from her mouth and pushes it down into the center of her cake. A quick blow and the celebration is seemingly over, but she flashes a sultry smirk to whomever is standing stage left.

Brooke Takes The Album Cover Challenge

Up next we see Brooke jumping on the album cover trend. These video compilations are so fun! Once again this proves that anything these ladies photograph absolutely could be album covers. We could do without the guys creepy toes at the end, but it did make for an interesting cover! LOLOL.

Getting Ready With Birthday Brooke!

In this video Brooke invited fans to join her as she got ready for her birthday bash. She spent some time reminiscing over past birthdays, including her 17th birthday on which she had her first OB-GYN appointment and got her hamster, June Bug! By the end of this almost 3-minute journey, Brooke is in full b-day makeup and ready to celebrate! We hope you had an amazing day, Brooke!