Sun. May 28th, 2023
Haley And Hanna Cavinder

Basketball stars, and twins, Haley and Hanna Cavinder have some fun new videos where they’re dancing around their hotel room, showing off their fitness journey and doing some fun TikTok sketches. Let’s dive in: 

Still Got Our Dancing Shoes On

Wearing their basketball outfits, Haley and Hanna are dancing around their hotel room. One twin is on the bed while the other one’s dancing in front of it. They start off dancing and lip-syncing casually before the dance switches to choreographed movement – which somehow makes them look even more alike!

Fitness Flashback 

This next video’s text says ‘going on your fitness journey with your twin sister,’ and then jumps into a bunch of old photos of Haley and Hanna taking bathroom selfies. We see the girls a lot younger and a bit more pudgy as they slowly transform into incredibly fit bombshells. 

Better Without Glasses

In a little TikTok skit, the girls caption this video ‘happy game day,’ as Hanna (or Haley??) is pictured in her orange basketball uniform sitting on a bed. She mouths along to the audio ‘you look so much better without glasses,’ before the clip changes to show the other twin saying ‘oh my god, you look so much better too – when I don’t wear my glasses.’ The other twin looks offended as she drops her booty to the ground before jumping back up. Cute sketch girls!