Sun. May 28th, 2023
Cody Hammer

Chef Cody Hammer takes us on a food adventure as he shows off some of his latest meals. If you’re looking for cooking inspo this week then look no further: 

Steak Sear

Captioning the video ‘who says you can’t get a good sear on the traeger grills?’ Cody proves just that as he seasons and sears a steak on the grill. When he cuts into it it looks medium rare, thick and juicy – yummy, yummy!

Meat Sandwich 

With several toasted sandwiches in front of him, Cody grabs a piece and brings it closer to the camera so fans can inspect it. It’s a cheesy, toasted, steak sandwich with red peppers and onions and the juices are dripping out of it. It’s hard not to be hungry after watching this clip. The audio in the background says ‘me? obsessed with you? Yes, yes I am.’

Grilled Chicken Sandy 

The video starts off showing a delicious little chicken burger. Cody then shows how he made it by cooking up some chicken thighs, and putting it on a homemade everything bagel bun and putting mayo, red onions, pepper and sliced lettuce on it. Delicious!