Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Lys Correa

Lys Correa is back with more eye-popping videos! Let jump right into her latest social shares…

Lys And Her Spooky BOObies!

It’s not Halloween, but this looks like one sexy ghost! With her tight, white tee shirt stretched over her head, Lys is showing off her tig ol’ bitties, giving each one a poke as she bounces up and down. These are hilarious and seductive at the same time! We don’t know if she started this trend or not, but she’s definitely the best at it!

Ghost Lys With Glasses

This one is even more ghost-like when Lys throws up those shades! Maybe this could be a new Halloween costume trend? I know we’d love to see women out and about rockin’ this look…LOL!

Lys Is Sexy In Red

Here we can actually see Lys’ face, and her girls are a little more contained. She looks stunning in this tiny red ensemble! Lys lip syncs and dances to the music, giving fans a sexy performance. Her cleavage is almost glowing as she wiggles for the camera.

Sideboob Action

Sometimes the view from the back is even better than the front! Lys decides to turn around in this clip and give fans a juicy peak from behind.  She shakes back and forth, causing her ta-tas to flop to the side. We also get a little booty action as well!