Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Lys Correa

Professional model Lys Correa is dancing for her followers once again. This Colombian beauty knows how to move and keeps our imaginations alive as we can only dream of what it would be like to be in her presence. 

Large And In Charge 

Lys is wearing a light blue bra that she’s practically falling out of. While watching the camera she slightly jumps up and down so her melons jiggle along with the music. Her boobs are large and very much in charge. 


Facing away from the camera, so that all we can see is her back, Lys has her hands up over her head in a pray position while she sways back and forth to the music. The best part? Her boobs are swinging free! As she sways back and forth we can see some extreme side boob. Now, if only we could get a front view! 

Shaking Everything 

In this last update, and possibly the sexiest clip in the roundup today, Lys is wearing a black, sheer dress and a black thong. She’s facing away from the camera and dancing. As she moves, we get a good glimpse of her voluptuous side ta-tas. Seriously though, the way she moves is indescribable – you have to watch the video for yourself!