Sun. May 28th, 2023

Monica is a Colombian redhead who loves to dance. She’s got a colorful arm sleeve and has more than 8 million likes on her TikTok videos. In some new clips she dances around in a teal mini skirt. 

Long Hair And Big Apple

The video starts off showing Monica’s back and her long red ponytail that falls almost to her bum. She’s got on a light teal dress and slowly stands up so we can see her perky rump before she sends it shaking. If only the video was a few seconds longer! 

Simple Moves 

Wearing the same dress as the first video, this time Monica’s facing us as she moves her hips back and forth to the music. The camera is angled upward so we can see her long legs as she slowly turns around before continuing to move back and forth while dancing lower. 

Long Hair And Booty Pops

This time with her long hair down and flowing, Monica starts the video off by pulling down her dress and then turning around. She looks back at us and smiles before she shakes her booty really fast in short pops.