Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Lys Correa

One of our newest finds is Colombia Model Lys Correa and she is a GEM! Going by just Lys on most of her social platforms, she moves in a way we’ve never seen before. Check out this gorgeous woman and her wild ta-tas!

Lys Lets Her Chest Fly!

Okay…this is genius, and one of Lys’ signature moves! The very first video we came across from Lys was one of these and we were mesmerized. Lys starts with a pretty normal bra-free jiggle, then as she pulls her shirt up over her face she really lets those puppies FLY! This is basically helicopter status!

Lys Lets Them Wobble To And Fro

Does anyone remember that song,”Do Your Ears Hang Low”? It went like this:

“Do your ears hang low?Do they wobble to and fro?Can you tie ’em in a knot?Can you tie ’em in a bow?Can you throw ’em o’er your shoulderLike a continental soldier?Do your ears hang low?”

Well…these aren’t ears, but they do wobble to and fro and I wouldn’t put it past Lys if she could tie them in a bow…

Classic Underboob

We’ll leave you with some classic underboob action. Rocking a tiny white crop top and tight booty short, Lys is showing fans a delicious peak at what’s under her top. She bounces her chest up and down, also showing off her toned tummy and bright smile. Lys is absolutely someone to follow on social!