Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Dessy Caldwell

If you don’t know who Dessy is, you need to know who Dessy is! This TikTok famous, self proclaimed ‘Cringe Princess’ is sweeping the internet with her ridiculously entertaining videos.

She has 6.7M followers on TikTok and her shares have racked up over 100M likes! 

Well known for her killer video transitions and that signature tongue across the teeth move, Dessy is loved by her fans.

We’re going to give you a sample of her sexiest content. Let’s get started!

Dessy Caldwell: Queen Of The “See Other People” Trend

@dessyyc Replying to @toddmduncan you asked for another, I give you another 💃❤️ #egirl #gamergirl #transition ♬ оригинальный звук – Чо

We don’t know how anyone in a relationship with Dessy would even think twice about seeing someone else, however if you’re lucky enough to date her she’s offering up some seductive and fun options…

In this video with over 4.6M views you’ll see her showing off her stellar transition skills!

Dessy starts off as her bouncy, beautiful self and then proceeds to go through several of her hot cosplay personas. She flawlessly goes from one to the other, ending with Shrek as the finale.

Here’s another video with the same theme:

@dessyyc He won’t be bored for long now am I right?🤭😂 #egirl #gamergirl #transition ♬ Chill Like That – Sunday Scaries & PiCKUPLiNES

Dessy captioned the video with, “He won’t be bored for long now am I right?🤭😂”

Boring is definitely one thing that SHE IS NOT. 

Dessy Caldwell Wants You To Pick Your Favorite

@dessyyc If you had to pick your favourite.. which one would it be? 🤔 #egirl #gamergirl #transformation ♬ rock yo body – meli

Here’s another video showing off her flawless transitions. One fan commented saying, “The transitions are god tier”, and we completely agree!

Dessy goes through eight different looks in this nine second post! Each showcases different makeup, wigs, outfits and some of her classic cringey costumes like the cow and Shrek. 

Another fan made it known, “The cow and the Shrek are still my favorite even if the lady is gorgeous 😂”

We love how she mixes sexy with bulky off-the-wall characters.

Dessy Caldwell’s “Biggest UwU Ever”

@dessyyc Replying to @yy_blaze Biggest UwU ever, do you know what anime I am from? 😜 #egirl #gamergirl #transition ♬ Hannah OWO – thepizzawaffle

Another trend circulating on social is the UwU voice, and Dessy has this challenge on lock as well! Here Dessy is asking her fans if they know which anime she’s from. 

One person commented, “So at this point I’m guessing not Jessica Rabbit.”

Someone else didn’t guess but said, “This is exactly how I want to look. Period.”

Dessy is obviously dressed as Chii, the main female protagonist of the series Chobits. To be honest, we haven’t seen anyone do it better!

Dessy Caldwell is on the top of our list for people to follow. She’s endlessly entertaining and easy on the eyes. Make sure she’s on your radar!

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We’ll keep promoting her amazing content too, so stay tuned!