Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Anastasiya Kvitko

Fashion Nova ambassador Anastasiya Kvitko is sharing some of her fashion photos on TikTok by turning them into video clips. We see her in revealing looks that perfectly hug her curves. 

Black Lace 

Kneeling on her knees wearing a black lace dress, Anastasiya’s eyes are closed as she takes in the sunlight dripping through the window. The top of the dress wraps around her neck and then cups each boob – showing how they naturally hang. The bottom fits around her thighs and she’s wearing high heels and lace sleeves. The image changes to show her in the same outfit but with her hands against the wall (eyes still closed) and her black thong peeking out through the lace. 

Staircase Views 

Standing in a staircase, Anastasiya faces away from us as she leans over the staircase railing. She’s wearing a tight brown skirt that shows off her extremely large and round rump. The camera zooms in on her booty before filming her hair and showing us the staircase. 

Green Masterpiece 

Wearing a short green skirt with long sleeves and brown boots, Anastasiya faces the camera as she poses with one hip out and one hand on her hair. The dress has buttons up the front and we can see she’s not wearing a bra (and might be a bit cold) while she looks down. Her curves are so incredibly drastic that anything she wears looks sensual. The video then shows two more photos – this time showing off the dress from behind. What a looker!