Fri. Jun 9th, 2023
Dana Hamm

Fitness model Dana Hamm recently took a trip to Breckenridge, Colorado for a ski weekend! She hit the slopes, but also took some time to tantalize fans with some extremely streamy photos and videos. Check it out!

Dana Hamm Rocks String Bikini In Winter Wonderland

Dana isn’t afraid of a few snowflakes! The well known OnlyFans star decided that a barely-there bikini would be the best thing to wear while admiring the snowy scenery outside. Her bare back and full booty is on display in this gorgeous snap. She may be admiring the snow, but we’re admiring her body in this one!


Dana Hamm Is Steaming Up The Lens

In this short clip, Dana is getting steamy! She captioned the video as, “FREEZING HOT 🔥 ❄️🔥”, and for good reason! She’s clearly soaked to the bone. Her hair is drenched, and her thin white crop top is saturated, making it transparent. Her wet cheeks are up in the air as she leans onto the side of the hot tub, and steam swirls around the her.

Dana Hamm Is Bursting Out Of Her Top

I don’t think that zipper will hold much longer! Here we see Dana outside, staring off into the distance. We’re all staring at her outfit that is seemingly about to BURST! Dana’s massive chest is puttin’ the hurt on that sexy ski outfit.

Dana Hamm

Dana Hamm Says “Enjoy The Views”

This side shot of Dana’s cleavage is even better than the last. Her heavy bosoms are packed away tightly as they sit atop her tiny waist. We wonder how many nip slips happened during this mini photoshoot…Here is what a few of her fans had to say about the seductive snaps:

“Stay warm bby”

“This is what a snow angel looks like for the first time”

“I never hit the slopes, I prefer to glide over them making slow soft turns….. but then again, I can’t ski either.”

“I would so take an hour trying to zip that up for you😢😍”
Dana Hamm