Fri. Jun 9th, 2023
Camila Figueredo

Colombian born Camila Figueredo is known across Instagram and TikTok for her seductive figure and videos. The popular dancer and model has over 99K followers on TikTok and her content on the platform has garnered over 1.3M likes!

Camila Figueredo’s Booty Can Jiggle For Days

Camila captioned her video asking fans what her back tattoo is, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what her followers are focusing on! In the video she has a white bandeau bikini top on and colorful festive leggings that couldn’t be any tighter. She turns her back to the camera and starts to shake! We’re pretty sure she’s the definition of bootylicious.

Camila Figueredo Wants To Take A Ride On Your Disco Stick

With Lady Gaga playing, Camila shows off her extremely toned midsection rocking another bandeau top and some oversized jeans riding low on her hips. Camila busts out some pretty hot looking dance moves, as she wiggles her hips around. A giant white bear can be seen sitting on the back of her couch. He’s getting quite the show! We all wish we were that stuffed animal…

Camila Figueredo’s Thong Is Riding High

Camila says, “New trend alert!” on this social share. She’s in a sexy, bright white bra and panty set, and another pair of oversized jeans again. She pulls her thong way up onto her hips, and pulls her pants down a tad so that they’re sitting halfway across her booty. She plays with her gorgeous hair while she twerks her cheeks for fans!