Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Dani Torres

Dani Torres is a fitness and fashion enthusiast with over 2.9M likes alone on TikTok. Since she’s a Fashion Nova ambassador, a lot of her videos are in bikinis or trying on new outfits. Let’s see what she’s been up to lately: 

Bikini Help 

Wearing a teeny, tiny black wrap bikini – that is so low we almost see her cha-cha – and a top that reveals a lot of her chest (and even some underboob), Dani stands in front of the camera and asks her fans for help choosing a bikini cover. She holds up two options; a black one and a light blue one. She models the black one first, which goes up to her neck and down to her knees but is see-through. When she poses to show the back we see her full cheeks. The second option is also see-through but with some flowers on it. We love number 1! 

Shiny Shuffles 

Wearing a shiny brown tube top and matching long skirt, Dani shuffles into view smiling and takes a few slow steps forward before turning around and swinging her booty. She swings it slow and sensual and then poops each hip up. Since her dress outlines her very curvy body and peachy buns it’s giving us all the feels. The overlaying text reads ‘POV: when he’s a man AND not a boy.’ That explains her happiness!

Pump Peaches 

The video starts off quickly showing Dani’s booty in a gym mirror. It pans out to show the entire gym and then goes back to Dani working out her arms on a machine. Her peachy plump bum is looking round as we see her slowly bend down and then back up. In the next clip we see her on a different machine working on her thighs by pushing her hips high into the air. Next, she’s got huge weights on her shoulders while she squats – we get the booty angle again and get to see her tights, as she breaks some serious sweats. The video continues showing her in different workout spots with different equipment- with the focus on her booty and we can’t complain. It’s clear that she works hard to get that rock hard butt!