Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Dani Torres

Dani Torres is a Fashion Nova Ambassador who loves to model bikinis. She’s into working out and spends most of her days at the gym or the beach!  Check out her hottest new uploads:

Smoking Hot 

Dani shows off her incredibly tanned body as she angles the camera so fans can get a good look at her beach bod. Her juicy, round ta-tas are oiled up and her string bikini is pulled up high over her hips so that it sticks out of her bikini wrap. She smiles and lip-syncs here and there to the song playing in the background.   

Sexy Red Bikini 

Dani stands in the ocean in a tiny red bikini posing for the camera. In a series of short clips she plays in the water, twirls around and enjoys the ocean shoreline. Her bikini bottoms sit high on her hips, which accentuate her tiny waist and big thighs. Her bosoms are peeking out of the front and side of her bikini top. She has strong, thick legs and looks delicious and inviting as she models her curves. 

When You Get Hit By Waves

Wearing a teeny red bikini, Dani is walking around in the ocean when suddenly, a strong wave comes crashing in, spins her around, and eventually knocks her down. While the video is comical, we also get a great view of her stunning body and killer hips as she gets rolled around. Afterward, she looks defeated as she slowly walks back up the beach with wet hair. We’re actually surprised her bathing suit stayed on!