Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Debora Ruth Economo Donzella

Debora Ruth Economo Donzella is a Spanish influencer with 26.5 IG followers and almost 200k TikTok fans. People love to watch her lip-sync and show off her latest looks – check her out:

Good Tune

Debora has her hair up in a bun as she holds the camera above her, giving us a downward view of her white blouse, jeans and toned tummy. Her top shows off her perky chest, and she lip-syncs and moves around posing and enjoying the song. 

Beach Day

Wearing oversized headphones and large silver hoop earrings, Debora holds the camera above her as she shows off her black bikini top and the beach behind her. Her girls are pushed up high and she pans the camera out a bit to show us her blue bikini bottoms. The day is overcast but that doesn’t stop her from lip-syncing and enjoying herself. 

Favorite Song

Debora’s got on a blue long sleeve shirt and black pants as she holds the camera in front of her to lip-sync to the song playing. She bobs her head and pouts – showing off her amazing juicy lips.